Monday, May 23, 2011

Sudden Violent Contrasts...or the Arts and Humor

Here is a recording of Alice Sara Ott performing the first movement of the "Appassionata" piano sonata by Beethoven. It doesn't take long for the sudden changes to occur--at about 39 seconds into the video, and again at about 45 seconds and again at about 48 seconds. There is more, but Beethoven is already up to his dynamic tricks by those points in the recording. And don't miss the moment at 9 minutes, 5 seconds!

I'll talk more about this in a later post; for now, though, please listen, and note the sudden violent contrasts that Beethoven introduces at those points, and throughout this unimaginably great sonata.

[Alice Sara Ott is a young woman from Germany. Her father is German, her mother is Japanese. And, by the way, she speaks English wonderfully, too! I envy young people--you will be able to enjoy her presence in the music world for many, many years to come.]

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