Tuesday, June 28, 2011

East Meets West...Once Again, in Cambridge

The Rachmaninoff Vespers performed by the Choir of Kings College, Cambridge. Number 5, Nyne Otpushchaeshi (Nunc Dimittis). This is one of the most beautiful compositions I have ever heard.

The numbering is confusing. There is an un-numbered introductory piece, which calls the chorus to worship. What follows are 15 canticles (a "canticle" is a song or chant with Biblical text--not from the Psalms--that forms part of a church service). So, the 5th canticle is the 6th track on the CD. The recording linked above is the 5th canticle. It is also Rachmaninoff's personal favorite, and he specified that he wanted that particular piece sung at his own funeral.

Please listen and enjoy.

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